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Welcome to Harmsworth, Townley & Co. Ltd:  Specialist providers of High Power Semiconductors to the power rectification industry for 70 years.

Whether you need spares, repairs, maintenance, breakdown response, refurbishment, OEM – or are just in need of a part quickly– we can help you. We provide a fast-response service in case of breakdown, send goods worldwide and even offer a same-day delivery for emergency breakdowns.

Our bespoke service is very popular – creating components to fit your requirements. We often provide modern equivalents of obsolete/no longer manufactured devices – whether it’s for on those off-shore oil rigs or keeping underground trains running!

Customers from countries outside the UK & Europe

Customers in the UK & Europe can buy products from this website and have them delivered directly to them.

If you are based outside the UK & Europe and wish to purchase products from us please contact us with the details of the products you wish to purchase and your location. We’ll get back to you with a delivery cost for your desired order.





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IXYS UK Westcode introduces a new 3.2kV distributed gate thyristor

IXYS UK Westcode introduces a new 3.2kV distributed gate thyristor

IXYS UK Westcode Ltd. announces a new higher voltage class pressure contact distributed gate thyristor. This new fast thyristor with turn‐off time of as little as 65μs and current range of 1055A, is symmetrical blocking with Vdrm/Vrrm equal to 3200V and therefore suitable for both voltage and current fed applications.