IXYS UK Westcode Ltd. Announces the re-launch of a 7kA welding diode in industry standard 8.5mm low profile ceramic package. The 200V to 400V device has been reengineered to meet the demanding needs of the application, while retaining an acceptable balance against the cost of manufacture.

The thin package height and optimised use of materials results in a very low thermal
impedance of 0.01 K/W. Combined with low forward voltage drop this gives an average current rating of 8.7kA at 55°C and 7kA at 85°C, with a maximum junction temperature of 170°C; maximum surge current rating is 55kA. The device is encapsulated in a full hermetic ceramic/copper package with industry standard 44.4mm diameter copper electrodes and a package thickness of 8.5mm (electrode surface to electrode surface).
The device is available in two voltage classes, with part number designations:
W7032DB200 for the 200V part and W7032DB400 for the 400V part.
Primary application for this device is welding equipment, however, it is also suitable for other low voltage rectifiers applications were high average current and compact packaging are required. The low reverse recovery losses make the device suitable for low to medium frequency applications.

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