IXYS UK Westcode introduces a new 3.2kV distributed gate thyristor

IXYS UK Westcode Ltd. announces a new higher voltage class pressure contact distributed gate thyristor. This new fast thyristor with turn‐off time of as little as 65μs and current range of 1055A, is symmetrical blocking with Vdrm/Vrrm equal to 3200V and therefore suitable for both voltage and current fed applications.

The device offers a higher voltage rating, while retaining a fast turn‐off time, when compared to other parts in this package size. This new improved design has average current rating of 1055A at a heat sink temperature of 55°C. The improvement in performance is achieved by optimising the vertical structure in the device, to give increased voltage without compromising the reverse recovery characteristics of the device.

The die size has been maximised with improved distributed gate geometry, optimised for the design turn‐off speed and operating frequency. The 53mm silicon die are bonded to a metal disc to give optimum thermal performance and encapsulated in fully hermetic 47mm electrode contact diameter ceramic packages, with an industry standard overall diameter of 74mm. Provided the correct thermal conditions are observed, with a repetitive di/dt rating of 300A/μs, the device can be used in applications with repetitive frequency up to 5kHz.
With a higher voltage grade than other parts offered with this switching speed, the new device presents the option to replace two lower voltage devices operated in series to achieve a desired switching speed and operating voltage; thus simplifying mechanical design and reducing the number of system parts. The full symmetrical blocking device is available in two different switching classes at two standard voltage grades, part number designations are as follows: 3600V parts are R1045NC36L with tq 65μs and R1045NC36M with tq 70μs; 3200V parts are R1045NC32L with tq 65μs and R1045NC32M with tq 70μs.

Typical applications for this device include: Induction power supplies for melting, billet heating and surface treatments; as well as resonant power supplies and pulse switches for applications including high power magnets and lasers.

Please contact us for datasheets and further information.