IXYS UK Westcode Ltd. announces the launch of a new range of ‘Wespack’ rectifier diodes in ultra compact housings. The diodes are in a new package size which offers maximum power density, without compromising on performance and quality. Available with voltage from 1.2kV to2.8kV and average current ratings from 1730A to 2340A at a case temperature of 55°C, these new diodes offer the highest possible power density.

The new devices comprise 38mm die directly bonded to a metallic disc, using IXYS UK’s most advanced processing and
the device is packaged in a low profile ‘Wespack’ outline. The structure offers both optimised transient thermal
conditions and overall robustness while limiting the overall package size. The thermal capacity of the metal disc and its
direct fusion to the silicon enhances performance and presents excellent transient thermal and surge current ratings;
while the low profile package minimises the thermal path from the silicon to the heat sink. The optimised thermal
resistance of the package allows for maximum current rating. The new 15 mm thick package has a copper electrode
diameter of 32 mm and an overall diameter 51mm. At 135 grams the new package is 60% lighter and smaller than old
design parts with the same die and also offers 13 percent more average current rating due to the lower package
thermal resistance.

These new diodes are the ultimate in packaging for minimising material and maximising performance and represent a
continuation of IXYS philosophy of less package and more power. For the customer they are not only smaller with
improved rating, when compared to old designs, but also lower cost. Using less material is a bonus when trying to
minimise the environmental impact of power system design realisation.

The new diodes are available in six voltage classes at three current ratings.

Part number designations are:
For Average current 2340 amperes and 1200 volts, W2340JK120;
for average current rating 2340 amperes and 1500 volts, W2340JK150;
for Average current 1980 amperes and 1800 volts, W1980JK180;
for average current rating 1980 amperes and 2200 volts, W1980JK220;
for Average current 1730 amperes and 2400 volts, W1730JK240;
for average current rating 1730 amperes and 2800 volts, W1730JK280.

Typical applications include; front end rectifiers and bridges, DC power supplies, utilities and chemical power supplies;
particularly in applications where weight and performance need to be optimised.