Breakover Diodes

Here at High power Semiconductors we stock a range of Single Breakover Diodes, including IXYS models and Vishay General Semiconductor registered products.

Whatever your diode rectifier circuit synchronisation – we can offer an option for you. Our single breakover diodes mean that you can get a fast-acting, efficient part when you need it – and we are most likely to have what you need in stock. We also offer bespoke and custom services; crafting the diodes you need and we’re also able to recommend the best possible suitable alternative if we do not have exactly what you require in stock.

Many of these diodes are radial leaded to allow for their single breakover function. This allows for ease of installation into rectifier circuits.

Here at High Power Semiconductors we are able to fill you in with all the appropriate information.

Our diodes are often used for protecting electronic circuits from voltage spikes over interconnected wires. This keeps sensitive circuits safe and functional, with single breakover diodes capable of absorbing some of the excess transient energy internally. These are quick-acting didoes which can be   useful for protection in circuits which may be vulnerable to very fast voltage transients. Ideal for systems which may be affected by over-voltage issues caused by motor arcing and lightning.

We can also recommend diodes in terms of their qualities for transient voltage protection. Discussing factors such as clamping voltage, capacitance and inductance is important – especially if you are looking for fast response speed. Sizing and suitability for your circuit are also important aspects to consider.

Diode did-you-know? The maximum reverse-bias voltage rating of a diode is called the PIV – Peak Inverse Voltage. The PIV rating of a diode varies with temperature. As the diode becomes cooler The PIV decreases, and increases as it becomes hotter; working in an opposite way to forward voltage.

Our customers have been purchasing single breakover diodes with us for many years. There are a   number of applications for these; as they crucially help to  shunt excess current when voltage is coming close to avalanche breakdown   potential. In this way, they could also be known as clamping devices, because they supress overvoltages. Therefore, single breakover diodes are often used in transient voltage protection applications.

Other applications include usage in   high voltage switches and lasers. Customers have also used these diodes for pulse generators; often in the form of test equipment and even within lasers and optical components.

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