Fast Recovery Diodes

Fast recovery diodes are often used for the conversion of alternating current (AC) into direct current. They often play a key role in high-voltage power transmission systems with a direct current and also in DC power supplies. They are particularly popular when used with switching devices, and can be highly influential in terms of the performance and design of modern power converters. Here at High power Semiconductors we stock a range of diodes, capable of blocking up to 6kV voltage.

Our fast recovery diodes typically feature very low switching losses, a low reverse recovery time and turn-off switching with low-noise; ideal for a number of industrial applications and can be installed in a relatively straightforward manner.

Devices utilise both floating and alloy-based silicon technologies, so they are durable, with compression bonding. You can be sure of a quality piece of equipment when you opt for our services and we pride ourselves on an unparalleled range – with thousands of diodes in stock. Browse the website to see if you can find the diode you need, and our friendly team are available to advise you on your choice, by phone or email.

Fast recovery diodes are typically suited to operation with a DC link voltage up to a certain size; up to 3.3kV and average current ratings up to 4kA, though this can depend on type. For full assurance that the diode you are looking at is suitable for your intended application, do contact is directly. Our personal service ensures that people who is approach us receive the product they are looking for – and if, in the instance we do not have it available, we will be able to recommend the best possible, fully-functional alternatives.

Our customers use fast-recovery diodes in a variety of circumstances. They are particularly well-suited for use in Fast Thyristor inverters and also Gate Turn-Off thyristors. The fast-recovery diodes we provide have been used across industries; including on the UK railway network to make AC electric trains suitable for the main line and also in heavy-duty machinery; including sawmill equipment!

The Semikron fast recovery diodes we offer, have also be used in impressive systems such as submarine communication set ups! This has included installation inside research vessels at sea.

The best-suited fast-recovery diodes uphold soft recovery characteristics with a low recovery charge. Combined with a turn-on and low forward voltage drop, these can be highly efficient pieces of equipment when it comes to securing a reliable supply of power. One of our customers uses Siemens fast recovery diodes within cabinet-making machinery as part of a reputable furniture business: so the uses really are extensive!

Due to ever-increasing developments in telecoms and personal computing, there has also been rising corresponding interest in electronic switching components – where fast-recovery diodes may be used. This may be due to the expansion of power electronics from usual line frequencies to the MHz range. Power rectifiers and power switches are particularly notable here, as are often required by these switching frequencies.

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