High Voltage Diodes

These are heavy-duty, often large diodes which can be used for a number of high-intensity   applications. A number of specifications are available, taking repetitive peak reverse   voltage, reverse recovery time and average forward current into account. We have an extensive range and you can select as appropriate.

High voltage diode performance requires a number of carefully-managed factors with a maximum allowable repetitive reverse voltage. This makes the diode suitable for high-level systems. We also can advise you on the appropriate diode in terms of power dissipation – the amount of power dissipated by these diodes in an ‘on’ state.

Here at High Power Semiconductors, we stock a number of high voltage diodes with high-level durability and longevity. We source from quality manufacturers, including Vishay and HIND. Furthermore, we can also custom-design and create custom diodes if required, t suit your specific purpose.


Other important specifics include   junction operating temperature – which needs to be monitored, in order for you select aa diode which can operate in an appropriate temperature range for your circumstances. We can help to advise you on aspects such as this.

Our customers use high voltage diodes across a number of industries – often where there is great demand for power and the use of multiple systems. We even have buyers from France, who use diodes within a manufacturing facility, creating electrical cabinets and power systems.

We’ve also seen high voltage diodes used in televisions and microwave ovens – so they may be closer to home than you may first think! Other uses have included X-ray equipment and copy machines; so these are diodes capable of enhancing the efficiency of highly important, in-demand technology. We’ve been supplying stocks across the board, from domestic to healthcare, for a number of years.




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