Rotating Diodes

Rotating diodes are used for the rectification of AC output into DC. Typically used within machinery which rotates or spins (hence the ‘rotating’ – they do not rotate themselves), high quality and long-term endurance can be expected; as they are components which continue to be functional under force.

Here at Harmsworth, Townley & Co, we supply a range of rotating diodes, including rare and hard-to-source components, and we often have replacements for obsolete devices made specially. Feel free to contact us if you have a specific request and we will do our very best to match your requirements. We take pride in our personal yet prompt service, and we deliver components worldwide with almost always next-day service and also the possibility of same-day services. We can provide the response you need in cases of breakdown, for example.

We have over 100 rotating devices in stock, some standard Vishay and Hind and some bespoke – we will strive to suit your requirements.

When used, six rotating diodes can be connected in the shape of a standard phase three rectifier. When mounted on a rotor which is rotating, they are recognised for their durability and functionality.

Typically fitted between the excitor and main field winding in the rotor of a synchronous machine, they are used in a number of industries, with power generation being particularly prominent.

We also provide a number of additional components which may be required for the effective use of rotating diodes. For example, the diodes need to be protected by a Varistor in order to avoid damage due to the possibility of sudden fluctuations in load and spikes in voltage.

Fortunately, our 70 years of expertise and familiarity in the industry has enabled us to provide rotating diodes to satisfied customers time-over. Our rotating diodes have been used productively in power generation for many years; just one example:

Often mounted in generators, rotating diodes allow for a brush-less system. This is now typically the case for smaller generators, 50w and under. Rather than the old designs of generator which incorporate slip rings and carbon brushes – producing excess carbon which may lead to inefficiency – rotating diodes remove the need for carbon brushes. Mounted within the generator, they allow for a highly efficient system. This also reduces consumables costs and cleaning costs.

To view our extensive range of rotating diodes, please have a browse.

Our team are experienced and also ready to help – with company secretary Glen Mattock recently awarded a B.Eng in Electrical Engineering. We take pride in our knowledge and quality stock here at Harmsworth & Townley.

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