Soft Recovery Diodes

Soft-recovery diodes are typically used within variable speed motor controls and also in terms of switching power supplies. They can be free-wheeling, allowing for soft recovery with a low reverse recovery charge. The combination of a Low Reverse Recovery Charge (QRR) and Peak Reverse Current (IRRM) are often desirable in soft recovery diodes.

Soft recovery, fast switching diodes of this kind are popular – and feel free to contact us directly so when can ensure that you will receive the best available diode for circumstances. They are well suited to switch-mode power applications, inverters and high frequency rectifiers. Hence why we stock a choice of package and voltages.

Our diodes are sourced from a range of manufacturers, including Vishay. We have a wide selection of soft recovery diodes with a high quality throughout. With a low forward voltage and low leakage current, this makes them idea for a number of applications involving power supply. Durability and longevity are upheld in our diodes – with many corrosion-resistant and easily solderable, for ready insertion into a range of circuits.

Choosing soft recovery diodes involves careful consideration of multiple factors – something we can help you with here at High Power Semiconductors. We have a selection available with high surge current capability and a fast recovery time. Low forward voltage and low leakage current are also maintained, many with a glass passivated junction to allow for enhanced efficiency.

Our customers value the personal, practical service we offer when supplying soft recovery diodes. Whether you have a specific model in mind, or need advice in terms of the best diode for your situation or circuit, we are able to help you. Browse away online, or call our team today who will be happy to advise you – as there are thousands of items in stock. If you are looking for an obsolete or rare diode, please do tell us as we will most probably be able to source it or provide a high-standard, fully-suitable alternative.

Applications of soft recovery diodes are particularly prominent in Variable Frequency Drives and their related technologies. They’ve been used in units as big as mine mill drives and compressors, to much smaller circuits. One of our customers uses soft recovery diodes as part of maintaining and supplying UPS systems in oil and gas stations.

As semiconductor switching devices advance, so do the applications of soft recovery diodes.

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