121A137 A Westcode spring mounting clamp for flat base diodes


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121A137 A Westcode spring mounting clamp

Can be used with any of the following flat base devices W0508RB040 (old code SW04HHR300); W0508RB120 (old code SW12HHR300); W0508RB150 (old code SW15HHR300); W0508SB040 (old code SW04HHN300); W0508SB120 (old code SW12HHN300); W0508SB150 (old code SW15HHN300); W0628RB040 (old code SW04HHR400); W0628RB120 (old code SW12HHR400); W0628RB150 (old code SW15HHR400); W0628SB040 (old code SW04HHN400); W0628SB120 (old code SW12HHN400); W0628SB150 (old code SW15HHN00); W0735RB040 (old code SW04HHR470); W0735RB120 (old code SW12HHR470); W0735RB150 (old code SW15HHR470); W0735SB040 (old code SW04HHN470); W0735SB120 (old code SW12HHN470); W0735SB150 (old code SW15HHN470)

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