Blue 15mm Bore insulation sleeving (metre) 0.5mm thick


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NORMAL 15mm Sleeving (Blue and Red):

We do also sell the red sleeving please see stock code: 201SL-001505R

  • Selling Unit: 1 metre
  • Flexible cable sleeving, manufactured from premium, virgin-grade compound
  • Has a thin wall that is ideal for insulating wires in areas where space is a premium
  • Suitable for earth identification and electrical contracting purposes
  • Self-extinguishing in 30 seconds

The 15mm sleeving is suitable for use on 3/4″ stud sized leads, and therefore would be suitable for insulating the leads of the following devices:

W0438RA020 (old code SW02PHR320); W0438SA020 (old code SW02PHN320); W0438RA040 (old code SW04PHR320); W0438SA040 (old code SW04PHN320); W0438RA060 (old code SW06PHR320); W0438SA060 (old code SW06PHN320); W0438RA080 (old code SW08PHR320); W0438SA080 (old code SW08PHN320); W0438RA100 (old code SW10PHR320); W0438SA100 (old code SW10PHN320); W0438RA120 (old code SW12PHR320); W0438SA120 (old code SW12PHN320); W0438RA140 (old code SW14PHR320); W0438SA140 (old code SW14PHN320); W0438RA150 (old code SW15PHR320); W0438SA150 (old code SW15PHN320); W0438RA160 (old code SW16PHR320); W0438SA160 (old code SW16PHN320); W0438RA180 (old code SW18PHR320); W0438SA180 (old code SW18PHN320); W0438RA240 (old code SW24PHR320); W0438SA240 (old code SW24PHN320); W0438RB020 (old code SW02HHN320); W0438SB020 (old code SW02HHR320); W0438RB040 (old code SW04HHR320); W0438SB040 (old code SW04HHN320); W0438RB060 (old code SW06HHR320); W0438SB060 (old code SW06HHN320); W0438RB080 (old code SW08HHR320); W0438SB080 (old code SW08HHN320); W0438RB100 (old code SW10HHR320); W0438SB100 (old code SW10HHN320); W0438RB120 (old code SW12HHR320); W0438SB120 (old code SW12HHN320); W0438RB140 (old code SW14HHR320); W0438SB140 (old code SW14HHN320); W0438RB150 (old code SW15HHR320); W0438SB150 (old code SW15HHN320); W0438RB160 (old code SW16HHR320); W0438SB160 (old code SW16HHN320); W0438RB180 (old code SW18HHR320); W0438SB180 (old code SW18HHN320); W0438RB240 (old code SW24HHR320); W0438SB240 (old code SW24HHN320); W0508RA020 (old code SW02PHR300); W0508SA020 (old code SW02PHN300); W0508RA040 (old code SW04PHR300); W0508SA040 (old code SW04PHN300); W0508RA060 (old code SW06PHR300); W0508SA060 (old code SW06PHN300); W0508RA080 (old code SW08PHR300); W0508SA080 (old code SW08PHN300); W0508RA100 (old code SW10PHR300); W0508SA100 (old code SW10PHN300); W0508RA120 (old code SW12PHR300); W0508SA120 (old code SW12PHN300); W0508RA140 (old code SW14PHR300); W0508SA140 (old code SW14PHN300); W0508RA150 (old code SW15PHR300); W0508SA150 (old codeSW15PHN300); W0508RA160 (old code SW16PHR300); W0508SA160 (old code SW16PHN300); W0508RA180 (old code SW18PHR300); W0508SA180; (old code SW18PHN300) W0508RA240 (old code SW24PHR300); W0508SA240 (old code SW24PHN300); W0508RB020 (old code SW02HHR300); W0508SB020 (old code SW02HHN300); W0508RB040 (old code SW04HHR300); W0508SB040 (old code SW04HHN300); W0508RB060 (old code SW06HHR300); W0508SB060 (old code SW06HHN300); W0508RB080 (old code SW08HHR300); W0508SB080 (old code SW08HHN300); W0508RB100 (old code SW10HHR300); W0508SB100 (old code SW10HHN300); W0508RB120 (old code SW12HHR300); W0508SB120 (old code SW12HHN300); W0508RB140 (old code SW14HHR300); W0508SB140 (old code SW14HHN300); W0508RB150 (old code SW15HHR300); W0508SB150 (old code SW15 HHN300); W0508RB160 (old code SW16HHR300); W0508SB160 (old code SW16HHN300); W0508RB180 (old code SW18HHR300); W0508SB180(old code SW18HHN300); W0508RB240 (old code SW24HHR300); W0508SB240 (old code SW24HHN300); W0628RA020 (old code SW02PHR400); W0628SA020 (old code SW02PHN400); W0628RA040 (old code SW04PHR400); W0628SA040 (old code SW04PHN400); W0628RA060 (old code SW06PHR400); W0628SA060 (old code SW06PHN400); W0628RA080 (old code SW08PHR400); W0628SA080 (old code SW08PHN400); W0628RA100 (old code SW10PHR400); W0628SA100 (old code SW10PHN400); W0628RA120 (old code SW12PHR400); W0628SA120 (old code SW12PHN400); W0628RA140 (old code SW14PHR400); W0628SA140 (old code SW14PHN400); W0628RA150 (old code SW15PHR400); W0628SA150 (old code SW15PHN400); W0628RA160 (old code SW15PHR400); W0628SA160 (old code SW16PHN400); W0628RA180 (old code SW18PHR400); W0628SA180 (old code SW18PHN400); W0628RA240 (old code SW24PHR400); W0628SA240 (old code SW24PHN400); W0628RB020 (old code SW02HHR400); W0628SB020 (old code SW02HHN400); W0628RB040 (old code SW04HHR400); W0628SB040 (old code SW04HHN400); W0628RB060 (old code SW06HHR400); W0628SB060 (old code SW06HHN400); W0628RB080 (old code SW08HHR400); W0628SB080 (old code SW08HHN400); W0628RB100 (old code SW10HHR400); W0628SB100 (old code SW100HHN400); W0628RB120 (old code SW12HHR400); W0628SB120 (old code SW12HHN400); W0628RB140 (old code SW14HHR400); W0628SB140 (old code SW14HHN400); W0628RB150 (old code SW15HHR400); W0628SB150 (old code SW15HHN400); W0628RB160 (old code SW16HHR400); W0628SB160 (old code SW16HHN400); W0628RB180 (old code SW18HHR400); W0628SB180 (old code SW18HHN400); W0628RB240 (old code SW24HHR400); W0628SB240 (old code SW24HHN400); W0735RA120 (old code SW12PHR470); W0735SA120 (old code SW12PHN470); W0735RA150 (old code SW15PHR470); W0735SA150 (old code SW15PHN470); W0735RB120 (old code SW12HHR470); W0735SB120 (old code SW12HHN470); W0735RB150 (old code SW15HHR470); W0735SB150 (old code SW15HHN470).

70U20P; 70UR20P; 70U40P; 70UR40P; 70U60P; 70UR60P; 70U80P; 70UR80P; 300U10A; 300UR10A; 300U20A; 300UR20A; 300U40A; 300UR40A; 300U60A; 300UR60A; 300U80A; 300UR80A; 300U100A; 300UR100A; 300U120A; 300UR120A; 300U140A; 300UR140A; 300U160A; 300UR160A; 300U240A; 300UR240A; 301U10A; 301UR10A; 301U20A; 301UR20A; 301U40A; 301UR40A; 301U60A; 301UR60A; 301U80A; 301UR80A; 301U100A; 301UR100A; 301U120A; 301UR120A; 301U140A; 301UR140A; 301U160A; 301UR160A; 301U240A; 301UR240A; 309U120A; 309UR120A; 309U160A; 309UR160A; 309U200A; 309UR200A; 309U250A; 309UR250A.


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