N1467NC260 Westcode Phase Control Thyristor Capsule convoluted (was N490SH26) 2600V 1467A

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N1467NC260 Phase Control Thyristor rated 2600 VRRM 1467 Amps (IFAV)

Applications include industrial DC drives; induction melting; marine/rail propulsion
systems; wind power converters; electro-chemical power supplies and soft starts.

Parameters: V rrm 2600 I fav 1467 I fsm 21500 I^2t 2310 x 10^3
Package: Fig W61 Capsule
New Fig W11
Selling Units Each

Old Code: N490SH26

N1467NC260 can be used instead of N1467NS200 (old code N490SH20); N1297NS260 (old code N450SH26); N1297NS200 (old codes N450SH20) and all the following obsolete device N490SH18; N490SH16; N490SH14; N490SH12; N490SH10; N490SH08; N490SH06; N490SH04; N490SH02; N450SH18; N450SH16; N450SH14; N450SH12; N450SH10; N450SH08; N450SH06; N450SH04 and N450SH02 as mechanically equivalent and electrically superior.

N1467NC260 is not available in any higher voltage ratings.

N1467NC260 may be used in place of Ansaldo device’s AT1007 and ATF614; Dynex device DCR1006SF**; Eupec device’s T709N**; T709N** and T1052S**; SPCO device C701; Powerex device T9G022110; Proton-Electrotex device T453-1000; Estel devices T353-800 and T353-1000 please cross reference with data sheets all westcode data sheets can be supplied by us please contact us.

Similar to A-24 (K-PUK); A24 KPUK

ROHS Compliant

Please note: ‘Smooth’ (S) version is now obsolete and only ‘Convoluted’ (C) versions are made

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