P010QH08.FJO Westcode Fast Turn Off Thyristor Stud 800V 10A

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P010QH08.FJO Westcode Fast Switching Thyristor rated 800 VRRM Minimum 10 Amps

Applications: These devices allow the development of highly efficient; compact and reliable high frequency resonant converters for demanding applications such as induction heating; traction and UPS. Additionally these devices make an excellent choice for fast high-energy switches such as pulsed power and crowbars.

Parameters: Vrrm 600 Minimum 10 amps TQ 25

Package: Westcode Like Fig W16 but has 2 flags on top aiming left and right one slightly taller than the other weight 6g 10-32 unf stud

P010QH08.FJO can be used instead of P010QH06.FJO; P010QH04.FJO and P010QH02.FJO (as mechanically equivalent and electrically superior).

P010QH08.FJO is now an obsolete device and unfortunately westcode do no longer make any fast switching diodes with a ¼ inch stud; Westcode now only make the stud version of these with either ½ inch stud or ¾ inch stud.

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Image shown is not of this device but has similar characteristics.

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