R1446NC12E Westcode Distributed Gate Thyristor Capsule (was R400CH12.FJO) 1200V 1446A

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R1446NS12E Westcode Fast Switching Distributed Gate Thyristor rated 1200 VRRM 1446 Amps (IFAV) Smooth

Applications include; induction heating; power supplies; high frequency
inverters/converters; UPS and pulse power.

Parameters: Vrrm 1200 I fav 1446 Itsm 19500 tq 25 I^t 1.90 x 10^3
Package:Old Fig W11a / W61   New fig W11 Capsule

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Old Code: R400SH12FJO

R1446NS12E can be used in place of R1446NS10E (old code R400SH10 FJO/R400CH10 FJO); R1446NS08E (old code R400SH08 FJO/R400CH08 FJO); R1271NS12E (old code R355SH12 FJO/R355CH12 FJO); R1271NS10E (old code R355CH10 FJO/R355SH10 FJO); R1271NS08E (old code R355CH08 FJO/R355SH08 FJO); R1211NS12E (old code R350SH12 FJO/R350CH12 FJO); R1211NS10E (old code R350SH10 FJO/R350CH10 FJO); R1211NS08E (old code R350SH08 FJO/R350CH08 FJO); R1178NS12E (old code R325SH12 FJO/R325CH12 FJO); R1178NS10E (old code R325SH10 FJO/R325CH10 FJO) as mechanically equivalent and electrically superior.

R1446NS12E has the same fit form and function and a higher amperage to the following westcode ranges R1331NS (old code D450SH/D450CH); R1280NS (old code D390SH/D390CH); R1279NS (old code D391SH/D391CH); R1275NS (old code R395SH/R395CH); R1271NS (old code R355SH/R355CH); R1178NS (old code R325SH/R325CH); R1158NS (old code D350SH/D350CH); R1127NC (old code D315CH/D315SH); R1124NS (old code R305CH/R305SH) the voltages and tq’s will differ so please check carefully.

R1446NS12E may be used in place of Ansaldo devices ATF515; ATF615;
Dynex device TF915**B and Estel device TFI153-1250 Please cross reference with datasheets; contact us for westcode data sheet.

ROHS Compliant

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