W0628RA160 Westcode Rectifier Diode Stud Anode with Lead (was SW16PHR400S) 628A 1600V

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W0628RA160S00: Reverse stud anode polarity Westcode Rectifier diode rated 1600 V RRM 628 Amps (IFAV) with 3/4 inch Stud and lead

Applications: Ideally suited to line frequency applications including input rectifiers for variable speed drives; traction converters; trackside substations; Welding and DC power supplies

Parameters: Vrrm 1600 Ifav 628 Ifsm 7500 I^2t 340 x 1000 Polarity: Reverse Package: Fig W23 3/4 inch 16UNF stud and lead
Comes with red silicon sleeving and nut and washer if not needed please let us know

These diodes are made in batches at the factory, many actually come out at the highest rated voltage but are only printed at the voltage requested by the customer at the time of purchase. This means that many marked diodes actually function at a higher rated voltage and can be used at that higher rating.

Diodes in this particular batch have been printed as W0628RA020, but are actually rated and certified/tested as 1600V making them equivalent to a W0628RA160. The original labelling has been left intact to authenticate the Westcode manufacturing.

These diodes have been independently tested using a Tektronix 576 Curve Tracer to verify the higher rated voltage (Vrrrm) from that marked on the body of the diode. We will provide a FOC Certificate of Conformity to verify these test results on purchase of these devices.

W0628RA160 was SW16PHR400 can be used as:
W0628RA150 was SW15PHR400; W0628RA140 was SW14PHR400; W0628RA120 was SW12PHR400; W0628RA100 was SW10PHR400; W0628RA080 was SW08PHR400; W0628RA060 was SW06PHR400; W0628RA040 was SW04PHR400; W0628RA020 was SW02PHR400; W0508RA160 was SW16PHR300; W0508RA150 was SW15PHR300; W0508RA140 was SW14PHR300; W0508RA120 was SW12PHR300; W0508RA100 was SW10PHR300; W0508RA080 was SW08PHR300; W0508RA060 was SW06PHR300; W0508RA040 was SW04PHR300; W0508RA020 was SW02PHR300 as mechanically equivalent and electrically superior to all the above.

DO-9 DO9 D0-9 D09 DO-205AB DO205AB D0-205AB D0205AB
ROHS Compliant

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