Z21L181 Metal Oxide Zenamic Varistor now Z21D181 180V


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Z21L181 Zenamic varistor 180V now Z21D181 180V

Varistor Voltage 180 (162-198) VlmA(v)
Max. Allowable Voltage 115 ACrms(v) 153DC(v)
Clamping Voltage (max) 300v at 100a
Rated Power (w) 1.0
Max Energy (j) 2ms 60.0
Peak current (A) 6500
Typical Capacitance (pf) 1200 1khz

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Varistors have a high natural (non operating impedance) during normal standby use. A varistors impedance drops rapidly when subjected to a high voltage spike clamping the voltage to an acceptable level absorbing the unwanted energy thus protecting voltage sensitive components.
High energy absorption; excellent voltage clamping characteristics; fast response ; low idle power and high surge current capability.
Protection of all types of semi conductor; suppression of switching transients; voltage clipping and circuit damping; absorption of surge voltages associated with lightening strikes; prolongation of contact life and the protection of industrial switching circuits.

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